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Chelsea C. Williams is more than a speaker; she's a catalyst for change. With over a decade of experience that intersects talent development, workplace culture, and DEI she delivers talks that captivate audiences, spark meaningful conversations, and drive actionable results.

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Chelsea C. Williams is an energetic, passionate, visionary leader with a desire to reimagine work & career. 

She is the Founder & CEO of award winning talent & workforce development firm, Reimagine Talent Co. She is the curator of Reimagine Talent Co., a customized learning program that supports today's multi-generational workforce, from seasoned leaders to emerging professionals. Her deep expertise in talent development has supported employers in the financial services, consumer goods, beauty, fashion, sports, and non-profit sectors. 

Chelsea is also a highly-sought thought leader & speaker addressing audiences across North America, the UK, and Australia. Chelsea's approach to speaking is actionable, empowering, reflective, and educational. She believes in approachable content that inspires personal action. 

Chelsea is a multi-faceted communicator available for speaking engagements as a keynote speaker, breakout facilitator, or panel moderator or panelist.

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Chelsea C. Williams is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Workplace Educator, and Mentor to the next generation workforce.


As the Founder & CEO of Reimagine Talent Co. she & her team support employers, education institutions, and nonprofits in spearheading multi-generational workforce & talent development solutions that drive employee engagement & retention.

She is a frequent contributor to media outlets like CNBC, Fast Company, Investment News, Insider, and Forbes on managing & leading multi-generational teams and engaging & developing Generation Z.

Chelsea's honors include: receiving the 2021 Forbes Next 1000 Award for small businesses redefining the American dream, being selected as a 2022 Tory Burch Entrepreneurial Fellow, and receiving the 2023 Entrepreneurial Impact Award by J.P Morgan Chase Commercial Bank and Women Presidents Organization (WPO).

Prior to founding Reimagine Talent, Chelsea spent a decade on Wall Street in Global Human Resources at Lazard and Barclays.

Chelsea is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. In her spare time she enjoys time with her family, travel, scenic walks, podcasts, and serving her local church & community.

The Building Blocks of  Belonging

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Speaking Topics

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The Future of Work in Your
Early Talent Pipeline

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How to Cultivate Multi-Generationally Connected Teams

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Coaching for Career: Developing the Gen Z Workforce

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*Additional topics available upon request

For People Managers & Leaders

For Executives & HR Leaders

For People Managers & Leaders

For People Managers & Program Operators

Understand the definition of belonging and how to proactively build belonging daily

Mitigate behaviors & actions that exclude others and further amplify connection

Move from theory to action in creating truly inclusive & equitable team

Be a part of the solution in bringing humanity to the workplace which in turn increases collaboration, productivity, and innovation

Can you recall a time in your life where you felt you truly belonged?

Belonging creates an environment where people feel welcomed, respected, valued, heard and protected. Further, belonging unlocks human potential and creates teams where direct reports can show up as their authentic selves. 

The stats are mind blowing – professionals who experience belonging have greater personal and professional well being than their peers including – a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover risk, 2X more employee raises, 18X more employee promotions, and a 75% decrease in sick days (Deloitte). This engaging program will empower people managers & leaders to take everyday, practical steps that build workplace belonging.

Program Outcomes:

The Building Blocks of Belonging of Belonging: Practical Steps to Affirm, Celebrate, and Propel Teams

The fundamentals of creating psychologically safe and generationally inclusive workplaces

Learn how to flex your managerial & leadership style to meet your people where they are while also creating an accountable culture 

Understand how bias impacts team and organizational productivity, collaboration and innovation

Gain critical steps to create a more inclusive team culture that celebrates generational differences and considers other intersectional identities

Did you know today’s workplace may consist of up to five unique generations?

These generations often hold varying views on values, work, and success as shaped by formative experiences. A major pitfall in developing strong multi-generational teams are the common assumptions and generalizations made about each generation.

This engaging program will provide best practices for empowering multi-generational teams to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to be a more inclusive leader of multi-generational teams.


How to Cultivate Multi-GenerationallyConnected Teams

Understand the differentiating factors impacting the workforce & workplace through a generational lens.

Discover how to proactively engage, develop & retain GenZ through the lens of belonging.

Gain practical tools to audit your organization’s policies, programs, and practices to consider the impact on your early talent pipeline.

Explore best practices in early talent pipeline development & retention in emerging industries & sectors.

Recruiting early talent is the key to your company’s success. With the most racially diverse generation in history entering the workforce, GenZ, employers & higher ed institutions must assess relevant methods to develop & retain diverse early talent. Skills, jobs & workplace dynamics have been significantly impacted by a global pandemic, new dynamics of work, and social injustices, and companies must adapt to the “future of work.” 

In this presentation, audiences will learn how to build and cultivate the early talent pipeline by viewing effective case studies and solutions—supporting a portfolio of education institutions and non-profits across the United States.


The Future of Work in Your Early Talent Pipeline

Understand the differentiating factors impacting the workforce & workplace for GenZ talent

Discover how to proactively engage & develop GenZ talent through understanding core values & ideals

Gain practical tools to audit your organization's policies, programs, and practices to consider the impact on GenZ talent

Explore diversity, equity, & inclusion considerations vital in supporting the future workforce slated to be the most diverse in U.S. history

There’s a new generation entering the workforce & taking the world by storm, GenZ. Today GenZ accounts for 40% of global consumers and they are expected to comprise 30% of the workforce by 2030.

So how do program operators & employers intentionally coach GenZ talent for early career, while addressing disparities often impacting historically underserved and underrepresented populations?

This educational and actionable program will highlight: in-demand employability skills*, career development barriers, and equity & inclusion considerations for organizations who desire to build intentional career programs that yield strong employment & economic opportunity. 

*Employability Skills aligned with National Association of College & Employers standards and World Economic Forum global skills report.

Coaching for Career: Developing the Gen Z Workforce



Thought leadership & visionary perspectives

I work with Gen Zers entering the job market. 



Pay transparency, mentorship, & 4 ways companies can attract Gen Z 

How 4 women of color are navigating C-suite leadership 

Brand Features & Awards

Merging transformative insights with impactful partnerships, Chelsea transforms spaces where innovative perspectives meet actionable solutions.

Fast Company

Fast Company





tory burch

Global Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Natalie Overton

Their team captured the essence of my brand and transformed it into words that resonated with my customers. The web copy they crafted not only beautifully showcased my products but also convinced visitors to make a purchase. Thanks to their expertise, my conversion rates have skyrocketed, and I'm thrilled with the results!

Chelsea has an ability to authentically lead with the correct measure of accountability and empathetic leadership. 



Executive Director, Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business, Bentley University

Chelsea knows how to approach the  complex and critical topics that are necessary for workplace success.

Yaro Fong-Olivares

Chelsea is an engaging speaker and facilitator who knows how to connect with her audience. on complex and critical topics necessary for workplace success.



Associate Director, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Her session of diversity, equity, and inclusion programming was thoughtful, powerful, and inspiring.  Our MBA students responded with gratitude. One wrote, "Her suggestion to look at the intersection of 'what matters' and 'what we can control' has stayed with me and rings true in so many areas of life." Another adds, "Chelsea's warmth made all the difference in what otherwise could have been a challenging session.

Rebecca Taylor

Chelsea's warmth made all the difference in what otherwise could have been a challenging session.



Director of the Center for Women in Financial Services, The American College of Financial Services

For our virtual event, she hosted a webinar on the Building Blocks of Belonging in the Workplace, which was a game-changer for our attendees. The practical steps and strategies she shared were not only eye-opening but also actionable. The feedback from our participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting the immediate impact of her shared knowledge. 

Lindsey Lewis

Chelsea is not only a brilliant speaker and thought leader but also a warm, engaging, and approachable professional. 



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