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Chelsea is on a mission to empower the nextgen workforce and build belonging at work.

  • Chelsea is a values-driven, visionary National Workforce & Talent Development entrepreneur pioneering efforts to educate the nextgen workforce & build workplaces of belonging.

  • Chelsea has spoken live in 20 states across the United States and internationally to individuals in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

  • Through the Reimagine Talent™ framework, Chelsea launched Jumpstart to Career, a career development curriculum supporting students & early career professionals nationally and DEI Amplified, a curriculum and advisory process supporting employers committed to talent development & retention. The framework has been used to support 10,000 students, professionals, and leaders globally.

Speaking to Inspire

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Yaro Fong-Olivares
Executive Director, Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business, Bentley University

“Chelsea is an engaging speaker and facilitator who knows how to connect with her audience on complex and critical topics necessary for workplace success. I recommend working with her if you're looking for a dynamic and forward-thinking thought leader who can connect with diverse audiences and challenge them to think differently and more inclusively.”

Founder & CEO, Former Wall Street HR Leader, Professional Speaker 

Meet Chelsea C. Williams

Chelsea earned a BA in Economics from Spelman College on full scholarship.

When she is not supporting employers in fueling a more connected, safe, and empowered workplace, she can be found traveling, binging out on HGTV, serving her local church, taking a spin class, or listening to an inspiring podcast!

Chelsea is a fierce advocate for the empowerment of women & girls and mental health. She proudly serves Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the Alumni Association of the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina to immigrant parents, Chelsea C. Williams is the Founder & CEO of Reimagine Talent Co, a workforce & talent development firm supporting employers, nonprofits and education institutions nationally. Chelsea supports national efforts to reimagine the workplace and build an empowered, prepared diverse talent pipeline. 

Chelsea has earned an international reputation as a compelling, engaging facilitator — empowering audiences globally on topics ranging from engaging and retaining multi-generational talent, to fueling belonging in the workplace. Chelsea’s commitment to reimagine work & career have been recognized nationally. She is a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur of the Year and 2022 Tory Burch Fellow.

Brand Features & Partnerships

Kinney Poytner
Executive Director, National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers

“Chelsea delivered a keynote address at our 2021 annual conference. She was outstanding, receiving some of the highest evaluations of the conference. She was well prepared and delivered relevant, valuable content in a very engaging fashion. She discussed not only DEI principles, but also provided helpful tips and tools for attendees to use in developing strategies in their organizations. Fantastic job!”


The Building Blocks of Belonging

Chelsea is available to speak at in-person and virtual conferences, summits, and business meetings that support innovations in workforce & talent development. Chelsea’s programs can be customized as a traditional talk 45-60 min or workshop 90-120 min.

Please note: Chelsea deeply values diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging and will bring this lens into her programs.

Beyond Recruiting: Amplifying Inclusion & Equity at Your Organization

So you’ve made organizational progress on diversity and elevated representation by hiring underrepresented populations, now what? Given heightened conversations on employee experience and well-being, organizations must ensure that diversity efforts don’t just stop at recruiting, but expand to support employee development and retention. 

This session will support people managers in fostering inclusive & equitable teams. The session will focus intently on the nuances of managing & leading historically underrepresented populations. 

The Future of Work and Your Early Talent Pipeline

speaking programs

For Employers

Recruiting early talent is the key to your company’s success. With the most racially diverse generation in history entering the workforce, GenZ, employers & higher ed institutions must assess relevant methods to develop & retain diverse early talent. Skills, jobs & workplace dynamics have been significantly impacted by a global pandemic, new dynamics of work, and social injustices, and companies must adapt to the “future of work.” 

In this presentation, audiences will learn how to build and cultivate the early talent pipeline by viewing effective case studies and solutions—supporting a portfolio of education institutions and non-profits across the United States.

You'll Learn To:
  • Understand the differentiating factors impacting the workforce & workplace through a generational lens.
  • Discover how to proactively engage, develop & retain GenZ through the lens of belonging.
  • Gain practical tools to audit your organization’s policies, programs, and practices to consider the impact on your early talent pipeline.
  • Explore best practices in early talent pipeline development & retention in emerging industries & sectors.

Can you recall a time where you felt you truly belonged?
In places of belonging, people experience feeling welcomed, respected, valued, heard and protected. Belonging unlocks human potential and creates the spaces and places where people can show up as their authentic selves. 

The stats are mind blowing – professionals who experience belonging have greater personal and professional well being than their peers including: a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover risk, 2X more employee raises, 18X more employee promotions, and a 75% decrease in sick days (Deloitte).

This program will focus on empowering professionals — from entry level to leaders — to take everyday, practical steps that build for belonging.

You'll Learn To:
  • Understand the definition of belonging and how to proactively build belonging daily.
  • Mitigate behaviors & actions that exclude others and further amplify connection.
  • Move from theory to action in creating truly inclusive & equitable spaces – whether a people manager or individual contributor.
  • Be a part of the solution in bringing humanity to the workplace which in turn increases collaboration, productivity, and innovation.
You'll Learn To:
  • Explore how to go beyond recruiting towards a people strategy centered on retention of under-represented populations.
  • Explore common pitfalls in fostering inclusive and equitable teams.
  • Explore manager traits essential for success and practical strategies for building connection, collaboration, and productivity.
  • Leverage the Reimagine Talent™ “3 Rs framework” as a pillar for managerial success -- recognize, respond, and resolve.

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Chelsea has delivered her programs to dozens of employers spanning the corporate, start up, non-profit, and education sectors. Through pre-talk discovery she ensures light customization of content to directly address the experiences, pain points, and opportunities of participants.

Audra Franks Johnson
American Dental Education Association

“The staff were extremely impressed! Chelsea is an amazing facilitator who provided DEI Training for all staff at ADEA – American Dental Education Association. Following her program, employees consistently remarked on the value of having a dialogue on diversity with a facilitator who made it feel safe and engaging. This was key as it was our first time delivering a staff-focused, company-wide, instructor-led learning session on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.”



How does one prepare to thrive in an organization when as an “only”? By definition an “only” is the only person from a particular demographic represented. Whether within the entire organization or a team navigating work as an only can serve as a challenge for recent graduates.

This program will begin by discussing the landscape of work and how graduates can prepare to thrive in the workplace. It will provide best practices for “onlies” to navigate the workplace with confidence. Topics explored will include code-switching, impostor syndrome, wellness strategies, & community building for early career success.

You'll Learn How To:
  • Gain practical steps to show up with greater focus & intention.
  • Explore career desires and goals and assess personal brand influence.
  • Learn best practice self-advocacy and how to show up in the driver’s seat of your career.


How to Advocate for Yourself in Professional Spaces

When it comes to career progression and advancement, effectively advocating is an essential step in the journey. This program will help students advocate for themselves within professional spaces aligned with their career vision, mission, & goals. They will learn the mindset necessary to advocate with intention and direction!

You'll Learn How To:
  • Gain practical steps to show up with greater focus & intention.
  • Explore career desires and goals and assess personal brand influence.
  • Learn best practice self-advocacy and how to show up in the driver’s seat of your career.

Chelsea has delivered her programs in support of education institutions and non-profits supporting college & career success. Through pre-talk discovery she ensures light customization of content to directly address the experiences, pain points, and opportunities of participants.


Center for Professional Development Coach,
Dartmouth College

“Chelsea made magic happen. Actively engaging college students during a virtual panel event, a notoriously tricky format, is truly impressive. Chelsea created a safe learning environment from the start, asked insightful questions, and – at times – broke down what was shared to make sure everyone would be able to follow the conversation. It should be noted that the number of attendees remained remarkably stable for the full duration of the event, no drop-off. Our students didn’t want to hop off or leave, they wanted to stay and listen.” 


Chelsea provides relevant, practical insights for media outlets and professional associations seeking to empower readers.

Chelsea is interested in contributing thought leadership on:
  • How to develop & retain multi-generational talent
        and build a diverse pipeline
  • How to build & foster workplaces of belonging
  • Strategies and Insights to support GenZ at work 

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Chelsea is interested in partnering with organizations and individuals who desire to drive change and fuel opportunity at the intersection of workforce & talent development. She is a fierce advocate of building for belonging and creating more representative workplaces. If you see alignment in vision, connect to explore opportunity.

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